toyslasher's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 5 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 30 Points

Lunar Worm

Medals Earned: 3/3 (20/20 points)

me and yo mama last night 5 Points

Reach a depth of 1000m

the power pill! 5 Points

get wormpilled

ough,, so full 10 Points

Eat 100 gems in a row without stopping or hitting tnt

Mario's Final RPG Ep.3

Medals Earned: 1/15 (5/500 points)

Let the Games Begin 5 Points

Complete the prologue

Into the heat of battle 10 Points

Defeat a Hammer Bro

Family Matters 25 Points

Find the blue boo

Scanner 10 Points

Scan an enemy

Clean up crew 25 Points

Reach the city limits

boo'd up 25 Points

Use a Boo Sheet

Thunder Rage 25 Points

Use Thunder Rage

Lets-a-go! 25 Points

Purchase the Power Smash Hammer

Beanbean Blowout 50 Points

Find and defeat Iggy Koopa

Uninvited Guests 25 Points


Know your enemy 100 Points

Scan all enemies

Get Crump'd 50 Points

Defeat Lord Crump

Ep.3 Cleared 50 Points

Now you know who we are..

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Wario Time 50 Points

Give Wario a severe case of the beats

Olive's Art-Venture

Medals Earned: 1/18 (5/360 points)

Art-venture awaits! 5 Points

Begin the game.

Art degree 5 Points

Complete the tutorial.

Checkmate! 5 Points

Clear floor 1.

Dig it! 5 Points

Clear floor 2.

Lvl up! 5 Points

Clear floor 3.

That figures! 5 Points

Clear floor 4.

Aesthetic! 10 Points

Clear floor 5.

Sweet! 10 Points

Clear floor 6.

Spooky! 10 Points

Clear floor 7.

Good luck! 25 Points

Clear floor 8.

Happy mistake 50 Points

Destroy the Rob Boss.

Olive Monet 50 Points

Clear floor 10.

Olive van Gogh 50 Points

Clear floor 12.

Olive da Vinci 100 Points

Clear floor 14.

Omicron 10 Points

Unleash fever mode 20+ times.

Average mouse user 5 Points

Fail to cast a spell 100+ times.

Deviant Art 5 Points


Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!